Local Businessman May Enter Council Race This Time Around

One local businessman told the Independent he is currently weighing his options about whether or not he will be putting his name on the ballot for this coming City Council election cycle – and it would be a name that would change the race in a big way.

Greg Antonelli, of GTA Construction, said he is seriously thinking about running for City Council this time around, noting that he believes he has a lot to offer as someone who has run a successful business in and around Everett for years.

“I haven’t made any decisions yet, but I am really serious about the idea of putting my name on the ballot,” he said this week. “There’s still a lot of time, and I want to think about it. Make no mistake, if I do decide to move forward, I will be going all out with a full campaign. I want to help this city move forward.”

Antonelli has his business headquartered on Tremont Street and has long operated in Everett and grew up in Everett. Recently, he has been doing a great deal of development in Everett, Chelsea and Revere.

Antonelli hadn’t pulled papers by Tuesday afternoon, but said such a move could be coming soon.


Ward Councilor John Leo McKinnon looks like he might have an opponent, as this week Tri Le, of Westover St., pulled Nomination Papers for a potential run for Council.

Two cycles ago, Councilor McKinnon waged a strong campaign and fought off a challenge by Carmine DeMaria, the mayor’s brother. Since then, McKinnon hasn’t been challenged, but may have a race to fight this year if Le goes through with it.


Councilor Michael McLaughlin still hasn’t pulled papers in Ward 6, and he isn’t saying much so far about that.

Most expect him to eventually pull papers and fire up a campaign for re-election. There is still plenty of time, certainly.

But as of this week, there is no one running in Ward 6.


School Committee Chair Tom Abbruzzese pulled his papers on May 7 for his re-election to the Committee.

On May 13, Ward 5 School Committeeman Marcony Almeida Barris became the first candidate certified for the ballot.

One familiar face missing from the pool of School Committee candidates so far is long-time member Lester MacLaughlin. There have been a number of rumors about the City that he may not run, but there are no signs of that at the School Committee meetings where he remains active and involved in every issue. Time will tell.


As it looks right now, here are those who have pulled Nomination Papers.

*Councilor at-Large: Wayne Matewsky (incumbent); Renee Solano; Leo Barrett; James Lavecchio; John Hanlon (incumbent); Stephen Simonelli; Michael Marchese (incumbent); Catherine Hicks; Richard Dell Isola (incumbent); and Peter Napolitano (incumbent).

•Ward 1 Council – Fred Capone (incumbent), Broadway.

•Ward 2 Council – Jason Marcus, Dartmouth St.; and Stephanie Martins, Lexington Street.

•Ward 3 Council – Anthony DiPierro (incumbent), Sycamore Street.

•Ward 4 Council – John Leo McKinnon (incumbent), Newton Street; and Tri Le, Westover Street.

•Ward 5 Council – Rosa DiFlorio (incumbent), Dyer Avenue.

•Ward 6 Council – None

•School Committee At-Large – Berardino D’Onofrio (incumbent), Evelyn Road; Millie Cardello (incumbent), Ferry Street; Richard Liston, Cottage Street; Cynthia Sarnie, Forest Street; Samantha Lambert, Pierce Avenue; and Angelmarie DiNunzio, Hancock Street.

•Ward 1 Schools – Edgar Ruiz, Lewis Street; and Allen Panarese (incumbent), Wolcott Street.

•Ward 2 Schools – Joe LaMonica (incumbent), Lawrence Street.

•Ward 3 Schools – Frank Parker (incumbent), Freeman Avenue.

•Ward 4 Schools – Dana Murray, Waverly Avenue; and David Ela Jr. (incumbent), Henry Street.

•Ward 5 Schools – Marcony Almeida-Barros (incumbent)

•Ward 6 Schools – John Mavilio Jr., Hawthorne Street; and Thomas Abruzzese (incumbent), Peirce Avenue.

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