Letters to the Editor

My Full Support

Dear Editor,

As of 10 a.m. Tuesday morning the Massachusetts Gaming Commission started an intensive three-day hearing process located at the Boston Convention Center. The matter is whether Wynn Resorts will be found suitable and allowed to keep the Region A Gaming License and operate Encore Boston Harbor in the City of Everett.

I would urge the Mass Gaming Commission to consider what is at jeopardy. The 5,000 careers that are about to be filled and millions of dollars in taxes to be issued to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts  – and not only to the Host Community of Everett but also the surrounding communities. In June of 2013 the residents of Everett voted almost 90 percent in favor of a publicly traded company made up of thousands of employees coming into our community to own and operate a five star resort destination.

We as a community didn’t vote for one individual. 

The Wynn Resorts of then is a drastically different than the Wynn Resorts of today. This being said, what has not changed is their commitment and dedication to this project and our community. I strongly believe this shows the company’s dedication and commitment to taking the allegations seriously and addressing them head-on at the same time moving forward correctly. I hope the Gaming Commission will take appropriate action as immediately as possible to come to a conclusion that will continue to see a five-star resort destination operating on time in the City of Everett. This is what the people of Everett voted to support and still support today.

I, as the City Councilor, have been attending the hearings this week. I will also be available if called upon to comment on my full support of Encore Boston Harbor.

Michael J. McLaughlin

Everett City Councilor

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