Mayor DeMaria’s Administration Building up Youth Programming

The Samuel Gentile Recreation Center has been a staple for the Everett community for generations. It has offered residents, especially the City’s youth, countless benefits, including a stronger sense of being part of a community.

The Recreation Center has been an important community hub for Everett since 1950, hosting basketball games, summer camps, community events, and much more.

As Mayor, Carlo DeMaria, understood the significance of the community center and the need to increase and implement programming now more than ever. Looking to the future, the Mayor wanted to ensure the City’s youth had a safe and welcoming environment.

The Mayor and his administration have upgraded and modernized the facility for the first time in decades. In 2017 and 2018, the Facilities Department completed the upgrade of a new state-of-the-art floor as well as the men’s and women’s bathrooms and lobby.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “The renovation of this building was long overdue. It is one of our city’s oldest buildings and it was important that we recognize the importance of this project and the value it will return to our city and most importantly our youth.”

Preserving recreational amenities, such as the Samuel Gentile Recreation Center, has not only been important for our City’s history, but it has also enabled the DeMaria administration to create programming that empowers our youth to build for their future.

Under the leadership of DeMaria, the Director of Sporting and Athletic Programming, George Wright, has established a model program that provides many resources, services, and gets kids off the streets. While within other communities, youth recreational opportunities are needed, the DeMaria administration has made it a priority to offer a safe and organized environment for the youth of Everett. 

On a daily basis the recreation center hosts nearly 70 students after school. However, before you can play basketball, spend time with friends, or run around, students must complete homework before he or she is allowed to participate. The Mayor and Wright recognize the need to help students develop positive study skills and habits that will serve him or her well throughout life.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “We have begun to create an environment that teaches our youth the importance of school, respect, and physical activity. We want to help build confidence, build relationships, and understand sportsmanship and teamwork. We are committed to providing fun, competitive experiences, but more importantly a learning environment where they can grow to be well-respected members of our community.”

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