School Committee to Reconvene Today, Jan. 2, for Special Meeting

The School Committee suddenly cancelled a special meeting on Dec. 26 that included three hot topics on the sexual harassment saga that has gripped the School Department, and will instead have that meeting today, Jan. 2, at 6:30 p.m.

There is very little that is different on the agenda for the three items to be discussed on Jan 2., except that – as opposed to the Dec. 26 agenda – there are no names of people invited to the executive sessions.

Previously, the names of Interim Supt. Janice Gauthier, School Committee Attorney Robert Galvin, former Supt. Fred Foresteire, Asst. Supts. Charlie Obremski and Kevin Shaw and Clerk Gina Grande were listed as invited participants.

They are not listed on the current agenda.

Sources said the meeting would likely be very eventful, but that it would all take place behind closed doors in executive session due to pending litigation and strategy for that litigation.

So far, there are two documented cases of sexual harassment against Foresteire and the School Department, with both women being represented by Boston Attorney Tara Swartz. However, other cases have been discussed routinely as possibly going forward.

Meanwhile, many are wondering about whether or not Interim Supt. Janice Gauthier, named by the School Committee Dec. 17, will be able to last in the position. Some have said there are others in contention and that the School Committee could be considering other names for the spot.

The names of multiple internal candidates have come up, and that is likely what will be discussed behind closed doors during the first item on the executive session agenda.

One name that is said to be considered, but in essence is not being considered, is Dr. Omar Easy.

Easy attended Everett Public Schools and worked in the administration for several years before transferring to a position in Everett City Hall two years ago.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who oversees Easy at City Hall and is a close ally of his, said he does not support Easy becoming superintendent.

The mayor said he had never even heard of the idea until rumors began to spread online late last week. The mayor is an ex-officio member of the School Committee, meaning he can sit-in on meetings, offer an opinion, but has no vote.

“Not only do we have no knowledge of this, but also we don’t believe this would be a prudent decision,” he said. “First, because the School Committee has requested a full investigation into the entire school administration hierarchy. We also firmly believe until all investigations are over, the position should be posted and those candidates that make the short list would be required to make a presentation in front of the full School Committee. This process of hiring a new superintendent needs to be a very transparent process.”

Easy was licensed as a superintendent when he worked with the Everett Public Schools, and according to records at the state Department of Education, he got his superintendent/assistant superintendent license in 2015.

It is still valid and current.

That said, sources close to the School Committee also said that they are not considering Easy and probably wouldn’t consider him a viable candidate at any time.

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