Everett’s Problemattik to Host Hip-Hop Fundraising Show Dec 21

As the specter of Matt ‘Problemattik’ Kisthart has risen, he and his crew known as Fresh Baked Music haven’t forgot about their hometown of Everett.

In fact, both he and Fresh Baked Co-Owned Mike Invo said their biggest goal is to give back, which they try to do on all occasions. This Friday, Dec. 21, they are going to be doing just that with a huge fundraising show at Revere Beach’s Sammy’s Patio to benefit Children’s Hospital and Project Soup in Somerville.

“I think it’s going to be a real good time,” said Problemattik during an interview at Common Ground on the Parkway. “I believe it’s going to be a sold-out show, especially with the cause behind it. There are still a lot of good people with a lot of good hearts out there.”

The show will feature Problemmatik, Invo, Cheese, Gerard Project, Block McCloud, Arichussettes, Stryfe and Wolffy – along with DJ Trampo Sullivan behind them.

Problemmatik has taken his first freestyle rap sessions in Glendale Park to a level that has him performing all over the East Coast and frequently in Greater Boston.

“I was a Glendale Park kid,” he said. “I probably had my first rap song when I was 12. My friends and I would get together and it was very, very basic compared to what we do now. It was my thing and my friends made fun of me for it. However, my friend’s dad told me I should really pursue it. That’s what got my attention.”

He had his first show in 2009 at the Ale House in Malden, and had about eight people come. However, not to be deterred, he booked a second show – and after word got out that he was seriously rapping – there were about 150 people that packed the place.

“Curiosity was the beginning of it all,” he said. “People would hear I’m doing a rap show and people would say, ‘Matt Kisthart is doing a rap show?’ I was the outcast in school, so it was a surprise.”

It’s a surprise no longer as he has gained quite a following and put out several releases of his music. He has appeared at Village Fest twice now and just got back from a show in Atlanta.

“Performing is a high and it’s great to share my music,” he said. “Now we have people wanting autographs and we get to travel up and down the East Coast. I had never got on a plane until I started doing music and it was to go to LA for a show. All in all, we still love to be in Everett. We’re very active in Everett and want to give back to our home any way we can. They have a rap scene here in Everett, but it’s hard. Every day we’re trying to push more and more of our music out, but people can be hesitant.”

Perhaps they won’t be hesitant to give back at Friday’s fundraiser on the Beach.

“We want to bring it back to those who need it most,” he said. “I was the victim of a house fire. I’ve lived on back porches and park benches. We know what it’s like to be poor. We work regular jobs too and we can relate. That’s why we want to make sure to remember to give back.”

The part goes from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. and there is a $10 cover charge plus one canned good. All of the door money and canned goods will be donated to charity.

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