Teaming Up:Celtics and SNHU Unveil New Technology Lab Recently at the Madeline English School

The Boston Celtics and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) teamed up to unveil a new technology lab at Madeline English School in Everett, on November 28. During the opening, Celtics player Robert Williams III and

NEW-FOUND FRIENDS: Celtics Center Robert Williams leaned on Supt. Fred Foresteire’s shoulder for a photo-op last Weds., Nov. 28, during an event with the Boston Celtics and Southern New Hampshire University in the Madeline English School. The organizations
unveiled a new STEM lab at the school adorned with technology and Celtics green.

SNHU staff guided students through coding and robotics activities, using the new technology.

“This new lab is going to open so many more doors and help these kids grow and develop in so many different ways,” said Williams. “It’s great to be able to help pave a path for these kids through the variety of tools and gadgets that this lab offers. These students and those following for years to come will be able to learn, and have fun doing it.”

The new tech lab includes 25 Chromebook laptops, 3D printers, K’Nex sets, mobile furniture, and science kits, which will help build students’ skills in writing, research, problem-solving, sketching and coding. Additionally, the Celtics and SNHU have completely renovated the room, purchased new furniture and installed Celtics-themed wall graphics.

“We’re proud to be here with the Celtics to open a brand new makerspace lab for the students of Madeline English School,“ said Steve Thiel, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships, SNHU. “Seeing the joy on the students’ faces as they participated in hands-on activities was absolutely wonderful, and we hope they’ll continue to use the lab to hone their problem-solving skills and tap into their creativity.”

This is the eleventh tech lab the Celtics and SNHU have opened in New Hampshire and Massachusetts since 2013. Together, they have donated more than 300 computers and tablets to local schools, which are helping to improve computer literacy for hundreds of students. The technology has also enabled schools to build computer-based curriculums. The Celtics and SNHU have also equipped schools with CAD software, 3D printers, Apple TVs, digital cameras, streaming players, furniture, and more.

The Madeline English School tech lab will be available for students and teachers during and after school as an educational center.

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