Letter to the Editor

I’m disappointed on lack

of Council discussion

over school funding

Dear Editor,

I am truly disappointed not only as a City Councilor, but also as a lifelong resident in regard to the discussion, or lack thereof, on Monday night about the school funding issue. If we can’t stand up and fight for the teachers and students in the Everett Public School system, then I ask who are we willing to fight for as elected leaders?

I see this as nothing more than a decision to kick the can down the road on $2.5 million that Sen. Sal DiDomenico got in additional Chapter 70 funding this year. We had the opportunity on Tuesday morning of this week to lower classroom sizes at no additional cost to the taxpayers, yet it is sent to this make-believe School Committee at City Hall known as the School Finance Review Committee. I strongly believe this action helps no one, and just delays bringing teachers back to the classroom. Again, in my opinion, this is a disservice to 7,000-plus children in our community.

I voted against the creation of this Committee from the beginning because I saw what it could become. I want to make this clear:  I don’t see this issue as a Mayor or Superintendent matter. I only see it as a matter directly affecting our schoolchildren. For this reason, I hope the public will attend the meeting on Thursday, November 1, and let their voice be heard.

Chapter 70 funding is clearly marked as school funding – end of story.


Michael McLaughlin

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