DiDomenico Secures $125,000 for Everett Schools Technology and Music Programming

Sen. Sal DiDomenico (D-Everett) recently announced that his amendment providing $125,000 for music programming and technology upgrades at the Everett Public Schools was included in the final Fiscal Year 2019 budget. As Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate, DiDomenico was able to secure a number of amendments for his district in the Senate version of the budget, including this $125,000 for the Everett Public Schools. After filing this amendment in the Senate version of the budget, he worked to advocate for its inclusion in the final version of the budget.

“I am always proud to support the Everett Public School system through the work that I do at the State House, and I am thrilled that this funding for the Everett Public Schools was included in the FY 2019 budget,” said Sen. DiDomenico. “Everett has some of the best school music programming in the country, and I am so proud to support the incredible work that they do to provide our students with an opportunity to participate in music activities throughout the country.  Furthermore, I am pleased that our schools will receive additional funding for critical technology upgrades that will certainly help support our children’s education.”

As written in the final version of the budget, the amendment specifically provides $75,000 to support music programming and $50,000 for technology upgrades for Everett schools. When combined with his $75,000 amendment for a youth caseworker, Sen. DiDomenico secured a total of $200,000 in additional earmarks for the Everett Public Schools, as well as several million dollars in increased Chapter 70 education funding.

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