After Fire, Encore Boston Harbor Agrees to More Fire Watches

After a spark traveled 23 floors down to the top of the Central Utility Plant and ignited a fire on the roof at the Encore Boston Harbor, the company and Fire Chief Tony Carli have agreed to more fire details on the site during weekends.

Encore spokesman Greg John said the fire started on Sunday morning when welders were working on the 27th floor of the buildings. Apparently a spark from the welding travelled down 23 stories to the fourth floor, where it rested on the roof of the Central Utility Plant. There, it ignited into a fire that spread to about 1,500 to 2,000 square feet of the roof.

John said the fire was extinguished by workers before Everett Fire arrived.

Chief Carli said the firefighters ensured the safety and quickly put the fire out completely.

It was estimated the damages were less than $100,000.

Carli said that on Monday, Encore agreed to put fire watches from the Everett Fire Department on site during Saturday and Sundays.

Already, fire watches are in place Monday to Friday, but private crews monitored the situation on weekends.

Carli said Encore was very open to the change, and he said now is the time as the construction wraps up.

“We agreed to have details down there on the weekends to make sure we have an adequate response if something happens,” he said. “In building construction, the fire watch really takes priority in the last six months of the build when so many things are going on. The beauty of it is we have a great relationship with them and they were willing to work with us on this.”

The fire will not impact the opening date, John said, and the repairs are expected to be compete in two weeks.

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