Adrien Releases Policies: Economic Growth, Education, and Emergency Response Plan

Gerly Adrien, candidate for the 28th Middlesex District state representative, is passionate about improving Everett and uniting as a community.

Last week, the campaign highlighted housing, seniors and transportation. Below, we discuss economic growth, education and emergency response plan:

¥Economic Growth: Adrien believes that confronting systemic poverty and raising wages for working people is the most important moral and economic issue of our time. A quality work environment can decrease crime and violence, as well as boost tax revenue that can be reinvested into to benefit all Massachusetts residents. This campaign is devoted to promoting sustainable, inclusive neighborhood economic growth. In her discussions with small business owners, Adrien learned that moral support from the state can be just as crucial to success as financial support.Ê She would devote time each week to connecting with Everett businesses.

Adrien will support to:

*Strengthen Everett’s Chamber of Commerce Small Business Workshops.

*Protecting unions.

*Restore funding to small businesses.

*Partner with local businesses to implement job training programs.

*Work to expand small business lending and secure and sustainable employment.

¥Education: Adrien believes in a fair school funding formula that carefully takes the needs of every school district into account. It’s time for the state to step up and provide the education funding our students deserve. This campaign supports students at every level of development.

Adrien will fight for:

*Fair Funding Formula for K-12 schools by supporting the education bill to update our 25-year-old Foundation Budget education funding formula.

*Creating innovation hubs.

*From daycare to college, making it more affordable.

*Supporting universal kindergarten and early education.

*Supporting more bilingual education.

¥Emergency Response Plan: With the landscape, we need to ensure everyone understands the emergency response plan, in our schools and the community. Many do not know what the plan is and how to access resources that the state and city can provide.

Adrien will support to:

*Ensure that all citizens have access to the City’s Emergency Response Plan.

*Conduct a series of workshops to provide critical information of how residents can access critical services during an emergency.

If you want the full copy of the manual, please check out her website or give Adrien a call at 617-835-8267, and she will gladly drop one off to you.

Adrien is running to help Everett. She grew up in Everett and knows firsthand what it means to be part of the solutions on the issues. The democratic primary election date is Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. If you will not be here on Election Day, vote today at City Hall via absentee ballots.

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