Firefighter Craig Hardy Wins Legislative Agent Seat in Statewide PFFM

Everett Firefighter and Fire Union President Craig Hardy cruised to victory this month in his quest for the Legislative Agent seat in the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) organization.

“The local here in Everett is pretty proud and happy with what I’ve done because I’m the first Everett firefighter to enter into the PFFM,” he said. “I broke the ceiling for us. Of course, I’m Everett first, so it will help us big time…I’ll still be the union president and still be a firefighter in Everett, but I’ll add the responsibilities of being on Beacon Hill lobbying for our retirement, our health care and any other issues that arise.”

Hardy won the seat by a vote of 518-132 during the J.J. Jennings Educational Seminar on June 13. The statewide seat will call on him to be an advocate at the State House in Boston for issues important to firefighters, most especially retirement pensions and health care.

Hardy said the post doesn’t officially start until July 1, but he has been up to the State House doing some work already.

“I’ve been doing a little lobbying already and went up to the State House and met with Rep. Joe McGonagle and Sen. Sal DiDomenico,” he said. “They walked me through the building and we got to meet many of the reps. That was very helpful and I’m thankful to them for that.”

He also said his new post has helped his relationship with Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

“The mayor congratulated me and he’s very happy with me,” he said. “It’s made our relationship a lot stronger.”

He said he even watched the mayor suit up recently for a fire training in Boston, and he was impressed.

“He did a fire ops drill with the international union where he suited up and fought a fire,” he said. “He went right in there. He was an Everett cat. He showed me he is a city kid.”

He said he wanted to thank so many people for his campaign and the win.

“I’m thankful to my family and friends and my local for all the support,” he said. “I couldn’t have done it without any of them.”

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