Encore Boston Harbor Embarks on the ‘Swoosh’

It’s the swoosh that’s at the core of Encore.

Or so company officials said this week as the structural steel for the patented Wynn/Encore swoosh took shape at the top of the resort casino tower this week and late last week.

Atop most Wynn properties lies not a squared off edge like all other buildings in the Greater Boston area, but rather an ascending swoosh from right to left with the property name affixed to the left side.

It’s like that in Las Vegas, as it is in Macau.

Soon it will be like that in Everett.

“The swoosh is a very significant design element,” said Greg John of Encore Boston Harbor. “It identifies our brand, and you see it a long way off when you’re coming to the property. That swoosh and our bronze glass identifies us as a five-star resort. It’s about people recognizing what it is before they even step into the building.”

The swoosh is constructed of structural steel frames and then covered over in cladding. About three weeks ago, workers began on the low side of the swoosh and are wrapping up the high side this week – for the first time giving a distinct outline of what the finished façade of the building will look like.

When completed, both sides of the swoosh will include the ‘Encore’ name illuminated in white letters. Each of the signs weighs 8,800 pounds, John said.

The signs are expected to be installed on the swoosh in mid-August, and there is expected to be some sort of ceremony to mark the occasion – though nothing has been set in stone yet.

Some facts about the hotel tower roof steel and Encore signs:

  • The highest point of the tower swoosh is 380 feet, 3-inches.
  • Roof height is 319 feet (swoosh steel climbs the tower structure height up by 61 feet).
  • Roof steel weight is 420 tons.
  • Over 10,000 bolts required for screen wall (roof steel) installation.
  • 2,441 steel pieces to complete the whole roof steel structure (included grating panels).
  • On the south side of the building, the Encore sign letters are 30 feet high by 121 feet long.
  • The south side Encore sign has 6,735 LED pucks to fully light up the sign.

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