Rep McGonagle Joins Gov Baker in Signing of Housing Bond Bill

Last week, Rep. Joe McGonagle joined Gov. Charlie Baker and House leadership for the signing of H.4536, the largest Housing Bond Bill in Massachusetts history.

McGonagle was one of just three representatives who pushed the legislation through Conference Committee, working alongside Chairman Honan and Rep. Hill, as well as Sen. Boncore, Keenan, and O’Connor. The bill reauthorizes $1.8 billion in capital for housing programs, expanding access to housing for low- and moderate-income residents. Furthermore, the bill extends the low income housing tax credit, and establishes a commission to study housing for the disabled in Massachusetts.

“This bill is extremely important for the city of Everett, as it ensures that more affordable housing will be available moving forward,” said Rep. McGonagle. “The bill will encourage developers to build in Everett, and pave the way for long-term economic growth.”

McGonagle and fellow lawmakers are proud to have played such a pivotal role in the passage of this landmark bill. The bill supports home ownership and rental housing while providing opportunities for low and moderate income citizens. Through the implementation of housing stabilization programs, the bill aims to stem urban blight. The bill also supports housing production and preservation for the elderly.

“Housing affordability is a top priority for the people of Everett,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “Rep. McGonagle is an engaged partner for us at the State House, and has a leadership role in creating the funding opportunities necessary to develop the housing we need. The bond bill is an excellent example of his work.”

“We’re so thankful for Rep. McGonagle’s work as Vice Chair of the Housing Committee,” said Steve Supino, executive director of Health and Human services for the City of Everett. “Under his leadership, we can rest assured that the people of Everett will have access to affordable housing, and that our city will continue to support all our hard-working residents.”

McGonagle was elected as State Representative in the 28th District in November 2014. Joe served as a former Everett city councilor and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Housing and sits on the following committees: Elder Affairs, Election Laws, Transportation, and Ways and Means.

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