Harvard Study Highlights the Positive Impact of Everett’s Boks Exercise Program

A recent study conducted by Harvard University tested the impact of the K-8 Build Our Kid’s Success Program (Boks). The study highlighted that before- school physical activity initiatives are an effective path to help students lose weight.

The popular youth workout program that launched in Everett Public Schools in 2016 has returned for another year.

Boks promotes fitness and healthiness to elementary schools. Students meet twice a week for 6 weeks to exercise together and learn about nutrition. Boks takes place about 45 minutes before the morning bell rings, thereby energizing students for the upcoming school day.

The Harvard Study stated, “The K-8 BOKS program, which has spread to 2,700 schools in four countries and attracted sponsorship from sneaker giant Reebok, requires little from school districts by way of staff and equipment, relying on volunteer leaders and emphasizing simple, accessible activities.”

Two years ago, Mayor DeMaria began piloting the Boks program at the Keverian School. Today, the BOKS program is currently in the Keverian and Lafayette Schools, however the Mayor and his administration look to expand the program within all schools.

The Boks Program is an important step in helping children appreciate the benefits of exercise as well as healthy life choices. The program was possible through a $100,000 grant secured by Mayor DeMaria from the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the American Beverage Association to fight Childhood Obesity.

“I have heard great reports about Boks’ work with our kids and I’m thrilled that we are offering it to more students this year,” Mayor Carlo DeMaria said. “Creating a community of health and wellness starts at a young age. Even as young as kindergarten, these kids are learning the benefits of exercising and eating healthy foods. These are important lessons that we are instilling at an early age.”

Volunteers from Everett have signed up to lead the morning workout sessions at the schools. The volunteers are trained and certified by professional exercise and nutrition specialists at Boks.

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