Bids Out for Project Manager on New Stadium

The City has taken the first step towards building a brand new sports-stadium complex on the old GE site at 7-acre Park, putting out bids for a project manager this month.

Bids for an Owner’s Project Manager went out late last month, and the Request for Quotes (RFQ) will be opened on Tuesday, March 13. A project manager is typically the first step in a major construction project, and marks the first real step forward in the idea of building a new stadium on the Malden River.

Both Supt. Fred Foresteire and Mayor Carlo DeMaria have championed the project, with Foresteire saying it will help to take the athletic programs into a new era by not only offering a new football field with parking, but also offering a regulation track facility which does not exist now.

Mayor DeMaria unveiled the idea publicly at his Inaugural Address in January, saying the time had come to develop a new stadium for the kids of Everett. He identified the park on the Malden River as an ideal location with parking and away from the neighborhoods.

It’s also a location that, though long forgotten, has become very popular lately and will abut the new Wynn Boston Harbor-built park and RiverWalk project.

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