Political Veteran Launches New Everett Stimulus Blog

Political writer, strategist and analyst Patrick Scully of   Scully Communications is launching a new blog exclusively for and about the City of Everett.

“The Everett Stimulus.” will feature news and commentary about city politics and community events. The site has been up and running and is part of Scully Communications new, re-branded website. The site ScullyCommunuications.com also features the national and region blog “The Political Stimulus.” (formerly “The Hanging Shad”).

The name of the blog purposefully has a “period” at the end, as in “The Everett Stimulus, Period.”

“This is a time of unprecedented growth for Everett. It’s a wonderful city going through some serious changes,” Scully said. “‘The Everett Stimulus.’ is designed to be a place for all Everett residents and indeed Greater Boston to come and read about what’s happening.”

Added Scully, “It’s been my experience that if government isn’t accountable to the people it’s supposed to serve, then things happen that are not in the best interest of all of the city’s residents. It’s my goal to shine a light on what goes on at City Hall and perhaps better inform the populace.

“I’ve written an op-ed and spoken before the City Council,” he continued. “The council was so taken aback by my calling out statements made by one of its members, they changed the rules for public participation at council meetings. Citizens should be very concerned by these types of moves.”

Scully has spent some 25 years as a journalist, a public relations and media relations professional and national nonprofit spokesman. He is also the former communications director for the Senate Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Scully Communications is a full-service, communications consulting business specializing in media strategy, public relations, political consulting, brand development and speech writing.

Scully is an Everett resident as well.

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