DeMaria Administration Holds Successful Everett Square Planning Public Forum

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, along with the Department of Planning and Development, welcomed over 100 residents to the Connolly Center for a public forum on the Revitalization Plan of Everett Square.

The DeMaria administration has been working with the BSC Group on an urban renewal plan targeting blighted and abandoned properties in the heart of the city.  This plan emerges from the Everett Square Master Plan that was completed in 2017.

DeMaria stated, “My goal is a revitalized Everett Square where you will no longer see vacant, blighted or abandoned properties, but instead a vibrant, inviting downtown area where people live, work, shop, and enjoy any number of top-shelf urban amenities.”

The City and consultants have implemented many recommendations that were highlighted in the meeting such as; sidewalk cafes, public art, new development, and ornamental lighting.

During the meeting, the mayor stressed the importance of this project and how eager his administration is to begin to move forward with the revitalization that will breathe new life into Everett Square.

DeMaria also stated, “My administration will continue to work with our City Officials and community stakeholders to develop a viable strategy that builds upon past work, including the recently completed Everett Square Master Plan. The plan will highlight our ambitious future vision for the area, and identify implementation tools for the realization of that vision.”

In Everett Square, the DeMaria administration has already attracted businesses like IT consulting firm Now Business Intelligence (NBI) who selected Everett using an algorithm, or formula considering a number of important factors, which identified Everett as the best place for them to locate and grow their business.

For additional information please visit the City of Everett’s Department of Planning and Development website at: or

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