Councilor Matewsky Tops Ticket for Second Straight Cycle

By Seth Daniel

Councilor at-Large Wayne Matewsky has been on the ballot in Everett in one form or another since 1979, but the popular City Councilor said this week that he feels like he is just now reaching his peak – having topped the ticket now in two consecutive City Elections.

After having lost a tough re-election campaign for State Representative a handful of years ago, Matewsky made a comeback on the Council in 2015 – surprising everyone but himself by topping the ticket. Now, in this month’s City Election, he has once again topped the ticket and said he feels like he’s still learning and honing his craft as a local lawmaker.

“I’m still developing my skills and still a work in progress,” he said this week. “We did very well in every neighborhood and we won Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 4. And of course, we topped  the ticket citywide. People say I’m getting strong as we move forward here and it appears that way. My reception everywhere I go has been unbelievable. People are happy to see me and it shows in the vote I’m getting.”

Matewsky has put together a winning formula that’s based on helping people and listening to voters, he said. He’s quick to say hello to everyone and to listen to every concern.

He said he’s particularly strong with seniors, the Haitian community and many of his old friends and colleagues. Some of those from the past who supported him in this year’s election included Carmine Romano, Charles Greathead, Anthony Ranieri, Louie Sierra, Nicholas Saia, Harry Belmonte, Lenny Jordan, and Lenny LoRusso.

“They are all my friends and I was proud to have their support,” he said. “I want everyone in office to know that while I might not be friendly with all of them, I have a lot of support from my former colleagues and others. I think people see value in what I have to offer; there is much that I know…The bullet system of voting was certainly in effect.”

According to preliminary numbers, Matewsky topped the ticket this time by more than 100 votes. He said he was impressed with the conduct of the campaign, and he was also impressed with the mayor’s strong vote in an uncontested election.

“I want to congratulate all the candidates in this field – eight of whom I’ve served with. They all ran a good race. There are four candidates in this race, interestingly enough, who have run for mayor previously. They were all very respectful to me and my supporters. Maybe that’s a new trend that’s going on and I hopeful it is…The mayor has put together a professional team and they’re always on the move. I congratulate the mayor on another great win.”

As always, Matewsky thanked his dedicated supporters and his mother, Marion, whom he said keeps him grounded.

“She’s been a huge inspiration throughout my life and in my campaigns,” he said. “I’m glad to have her always reminding me to be kind, respectful and humble.”

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