DeMaria Remains Strong in Campaign Against Blighted Property

Mayor Carlo DeMaria recently appointed Keith Slattery as the new Assistant City Solicitor for the City. Slattery joins the City with over 15 years experience of practicing law. He most recently had a law practice specializing in Civil Law. He is a graduate of Everett High School, Suffolk University, and Suffolk Law School, where he received his J.D.

Mayor DeMaria has made it a priority to identify and remediate blighted, abandoned, and illegal properties. Since Mayor DeMaria’s recent appointment of Slattery, he has worked with the Inspectional Services Department to already visit over two- dozen properties throughout the City, resulting in corrections of most code violations on the properties.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “Keith is a great asset to the City’s Law Department. His focus here will be helping ISD manage problem properties by working with owners to correct violations and litigating serious violations when they occur by holding property owners accountable.  His 15+ years’ of litigation experience has already resulted in a tremendous benefit to the Solicitor’s Office and the City as a whole.”

Slattery stated, “I am honored to be back in Everett, working for the City I love. Being familiar with the City and the residents has made my transition effortless, and I am excited to work with the legal and inspectional services staff. I am thankful to Mayor DeMaria for the opportunity to serve the City and its residents.”

The hire of Slattery is one of the many ways Mayor DeMaria has remained aggressive in his administration’s campaign against blight and unsafe neighborhood conditions. In addition, the Mayor’s Home Beautification Program has transformed several houses in Everett neighborhoods. Since April 2016, the City has transformed sixty-six properties. The goal of the Home Beautification Program is to improve a property’s value and the value of surroundings properties, enrich the appearance of a neighborhood and create a healthy and safe living environment.

The City of Everett began the program in April to enforce the Massachusetts’ sanitary code. The City’s Inspectional Services Department issues letters to residents whose homes violate regulations. The City recommends home improvements such as new paint, repairs to broken gutters and sinking porches, removal of overgrown vegetation, etc. The residents are advised to clean up any structural elements that may be dangerous. Through funds from the annual Community Development Block Grant, the City of Everett’s Community Development and Housing office offers financial assistance to help qualified individuals make the necessary fixes to their houses.

The Mayor also recently appointed Slattery as the Chairperson of the Code Enforcement Task Force. The task force is charged with enforcing various state codes and city ordinances to combat blight, reduce nuisances, discourage criminal activity, and ensure a higher quality of life for the residents of Everett. The task force meets weekly and does, indeed, share information and develop strategies to determine the best course of action to take for every investigation.

Slattery is married to his wife, Kelly, and they have a 6- year old son, William. He coaches his son’s baseball team, and is involved with educational and athletic matters in the City.

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