Candidate Martins Garners Support from Business Leaders

Everett City Council candidate Stephanie Martins Monday called for protecting the traditions of the city combined with inclusion for a very bright future as she continues to win support from local business leaders.

A number of small business people turned out for a Martins fundraiser late last month at the new boutique hotel enVision in Everett.

“The city is changing, and there is so much that can be done. I believe my personal and professional experience can add so much to what’s going to happen,” Martins said. “I’m excited to fight for what we have now and what will have in the future.”

Holding the event at the enVision Hotel was symbolically significant for Martins’ campaign. The new boutique hotel, which opened earlier this year, combines all the modern amenities for travelers with a strong nod to Everett’s past as the building is a renovated sewing and shoe factory.

Martins was introduced to the gathering by Everett Kiwanis Club President David LaRovere.

“The hard work Stephanie has put in, the way she communicates, her genuine ability to listen to people, those attributes are going to make her a great city councilor,” he said.

Martins has made accessibility to City Hall for all residents a hallmark of her campaign. She has also stressed keeping the city affordable, supporting seniors and creating the best possible opportunities for young people as priorities.

The general election is November 7. See  Stephanie’s story. Join  Stephanie’s team.

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