Mayor DeMaria Continues Public Art Campaign

As part of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s efforts to bring more public art to the City of Everett, the Mayor’s Office working with the Advanced Art class at Everett High School will begin a public art mural on a retaining wall on the Northern Strand Community Trail. Under the direction of Ms. Annette LeRay and Mr. Evan DeMarzo the students will be creating a 50-foot mural to bring art into the community and provide another clean, colorful space to the city of Everett.

Some of the Everett students who will be working on the public art mural.

The mural began as a collaboration between the Mayor’s office and the Everett Public Schools’ Art Department and will be located at the community garden site along the Everett Bike Path near West Street and Park Terrace.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “As part of our beautification process in the City of Everett it is a goal of mine to bring more public art to our community. We began a number of years ago, working with local artists and community groups to create beautiful murals on our utility boxes. Public art on the bike trail is the next step in our creative place making efforts.”

The Everett Bike Path, which is a three mile section of the Northern Strand Community Trail began by the charitable, non-profit corporation Bike to the Sea, Inc.  The intention is to have car free travel from the surrounding communities to the beaches in Revere, Lynn, and Nahant.

After observation of various mural artist’s work and a discussion on public art, the Advanced Art class went to work planning out their sketch of the space.

Their design is a combination of many of the students sketches and artistic styles. When completed, the mural will suggest the garden, our community, and its diversity through an unexpected fanciful image.

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