Everett in the Spotlight

Everett was the place to be this past week as Mayor Carlo DeMaria hosted the Massachusetts Mayors’ Association at Bank of New York Mellon on Santilli Highway last Wednesday and Senator Sal DiDomenico brought the State Ways and Means Committee to Everett High School Library on Monday for a day-long hearing on the state budget.

While the Mayors’ Association was closed to the public, the Ways and Means hearing on Monday encouraged public attendance. During the day on Monday, various state secretaries presented their budgets to the Ways and Mean Committee members.  For those residents who attended the event, the way that state government works was an eye-opening experience. One should note that Everett State Representative Joe McGonagle was also in attendance as a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

When one considers that the Mayors’ Association could have selected any city, but chose Everett, it is a tribute to the high regard that other mayors view Mayor DeMaria.  And likewise, the fact that Senator DiDomenico has been elevated to the Vice-Chairmanship of the Ways and Means shows the high regard that Senate President Stan Rosenberg holds for Senator DiDomenco.

Everett residents are indeed fortunate to have a number of elected officials who, through their hard work, have risen to the top ranks of state and municipal government — and this bodes well for Everett.


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