Wynn Warehouse Will Serve as Construction Headquarters, to be Done in November

By Seth Daniel

The Wynn Boston Harbor resort casino looks to bring new ideas to Everett and the Greater Boston area when it comes to flowers and hospitality, but now they are getting ready to add some innovation to their construction headquarters too.

The company has already demolished the old Charlton Street business annex behind the Batch Yard and is well into building a two-story warehouse building that will, in the short-term, be used to house all of the construction functions.

“It’s going to be a warehouse for the casino in the long-term,” said Chris Gordon of Wynn. “In the short term, it will be a construction office where we will have a supervisory and management staff. When you have trailers, there really isn’t any room. We figured that we were building this warehouse anyway, so why not make it our field offices.”

The pre-fabricated metal building already has its large foundation slab poured and the metal structure is going up. The building is two-stories tall, but just one floor inside. In the future, the structure will be used to warehouse materials for the casino and also as a greenhouse so that Wynn can grow many of its own flowers and vegetation. The 20,000 sq. ft. structure is expected to be completed and occupied in November.

The innovative part is that Wynn Boston Harbor plans to put all of the construction responsibilities in one location, something that’s unheard of at most construction sites. From the engineers to the architects to the general contractor to Wynn officials, they’ll all be under one roof on Charlton Street.

“We’ll have all 100 people in there,” said Gordon. “it’s a unique idea. It will be the Wynn team, the Suffolk Construction team  and the architects all there. They will co-habitat in one space so there won’t be any time lost. There in one building will be all the people together. You’re not going to have to make a call across town to ask a question or follow up on a building issue. Everyone will be right there. You want people getting together and talking to each other and solving the problem quickly.”

Cutline –

The Wynn Boston Harbor warehouse is currently under construction on Charlton Street and will serve as a construction headquarters once it’s completed in November. After construction is over, the warehouse will serve as the storage spot for the casino.

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