Sen. DiDomenico Asks Voters to Remember Him on Sept 8

By Seth Daniel


While many are focusing on the state representative race in Everett this coming Thursday, Sept. 8, State Sen. Sal DiDomenico said he wants everyone to remember and consider voting for him as well, even though he is unopposed.

“I want people to know that I’m on the ballot and up for re-election in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 8,” he said. “I would really appreciate their votes even though I am running unopposed. Since I was elected in 2011, I’ve been working hard to bring resources to Everett for seniors, working families and veterans.”

He also said he has focused on public safety, recreation, and money for the public schools and the culvert. Brining home those resources has been much easier for DiDomenico as he accelerated into a leadership position, becoming vice chair of the Ways and Means Committee in the Senate – which oversees all budget and spending matters.

“That position allows me to do more for my constituents as a whole,” he said. “The vice chair allows me to do good work and bring home funds for the whole district, whether it’s addressing substance abuse, more funding for schools, serving the veteran population and the elderly and economic development…I’ve passed the highest number of bills of any senator in the past session. We have a long list of accomplishments.”

Some of those accomplishments, he said, included a scarring bill that requires coverage for scars that cannot be seen. Also, he was able to add a provision in the new cigarette legislation that prevents drug stores statewide from selling cigarettes. He was also instrumental in passing the state wage theft bill in the senate.

DiDomenico also distinguished himself with a ‘no’ vote in the last session when it came to ride sharing services such as Uber. DiDomenico was one of the few senators to vote against the state bill, which has been signed into law recently, because he didn’t believe it had enough background checks and protections for consumers. That position has proven to be vindicated lately, and unfortunately, with two high-profile cases recently involving alleged lewd acts by Uber drivers in Everett.

DiDomenico said he is excited to return to the senate to unveil his Kids First report in December. That report will address, poverty, hunger, housing and education – to name a few items – and will be the roadmap to legislation coming out of the senate next year.

“This report will actually go from words on a page to action in the senate,” he said.

DiDomenico also has been instrumental in ending the waiting list for sick children who need services for end-of-life treatment.

“There are no more waiting lists,” he said. “Some kids don’t have time to wait. Now, all kids who need care for end of life services are getting what they need, as are their families.”

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