Firefighters Promoted:Board of Library Trustees,Department Heads Appointed

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Everett City Council on Monday voted to promote two firefighters, then voted to appoint 13 members of the Board of Library Trustees to various terms and 24 department heads to new 3 year contracts.

Firefighter Andrew Brennan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the department and Lieutenant Sean Datolli was promoted to the rank of Captain. Brenna and Dattoli were both joined by retiring Chief David Butler and their families for the swearing in ceremonies performed by City Clerk Michael Matarazzo.

The Council also voted to appoint 13 people to the Board of Library Trustees to various term lengths. The Board of Trustees now includes Barbara Rocco, Michelle Capone, Samantha Lambert and Michaela Schlosberg serving one year terms, Dorothy Gomez, Sandra Juliano, Mary Fiorentino, Cristina DeMaria and Daniela Rocco serving two year terms and Marie Tozzi, Karen Martinelli, Stacy DeMaria and Robin Kelly serving three year terms.

Stacia Gorgone was appointed as a Special Police Officer, to serve in the position of Animal Control Officer.

Additionally, 24 department heads were all appointed to three year contract ending in June 2019, in accordance with the city’s revised administrative code. The appointees and their positions are listed below.

Steven Mazzie, Chief of Police

Ed Mastrocola, Emergency Communications Director

Joanne Gregory, Parking Clerk

Michael Vetrano, Human Resources Director

Colleen Mejia, City Solicitor

Tony Sousa, Director of Planning

James Soper, Director of ISD

Eric Demas, Chief Financial Officer

Dominic D’Angelo, Treasurer

Robert Moreschi, Procurement Officer

Laureen Hurley, Budget Director

Pam Davis, Assessor

Jerry Navarra, Director of Public Works

Operations Manager, Kevin Noonan

Lara Wehbe, Business Manager/ Assistant City Solicitor

Ernie Lariviere, Water Superintendent

Bill O’Rourke, City Engineer

Dale Palma, Director of Elder Affairs

Karen Avila, Director of Health and Wellness Center

Elaine Silva, Director of Public Health

Kevin Dorgan, IT Director

Andrew Brennan and Sean Dattoli after the swearing in ceremony.

Andrew Brennan and Sean Dattoli after the swearing in ceremony.

Tom Philbin, Communications Director

Steve Supinio, Director of Health and Human Services.

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