Mother’s Day

This Sunday is a day set aside to honor our mothers.

Few can doubt the loyalty and love that our mothers have exhibited to their children despite the difficulty that some of their children may cause.

Growing up in this area more than 50 years ago, mothers were always treated with a special amount of respect.

Today, never has the job of being a mother been so difficult.  Many women today are in the workforce, as the need for a second income to help support the family is essential. In addition to having to work a full-time job (and maybe even an additional part-time job), mothers are at home cooking the dinner, cleaning the house, and making sure everyone’s needs are met.

There will be special occasions at various churches on Sunday where mothers will be presented a flower by their children.

Yet this alone seems not enough.For children of all ages, how hard would it be to say, “Thank you mom and I love you.”

Happy Mother’s Day.


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