City Approves Race Route for FSI 5K Race

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Under a compromise agreement reached between members of the Mayor’s administration and FSI Foundation for Autism Inc. last week, the planned 5K fundraiser and awareness run will be allowed to use Broadway, as was originally proposed by the non-profit FSI Foundation board.

The two sides met last Wednesday, April 20, following an appearance by the FSI at last week’s City Council meeting.

According to statements made after the meeting, FSI Foundation and its board members will assist the Everett Police with notifying the public of the race route in advance, so that traffic delays and other inconveniences that occurred during last year’s successful 5K race event will not be repeated this year.

FSI Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of Autism spectrum disabilities, and was founded by Ferry Street Ink owner Shawn Coyle in 2014. In 2015, the organization held its first 5K road race fundraiser and awareness event with great success for the cause. However, during and following the race the Everett police and city officials dealt with significant complaints about disruptions to local traffic and public transportation delays.

The city had previously determined that road races will no longer be allowed to run a race route that includes any part of Broadway. However, when FSI Foundation board members submitted their request for a race day permit, they submitted the same race route they used a year ago and it was approved. When they were notified in February that the race route had been approved in error and would have to be changed, race organizers worried that such a large change so close to the May 1 race date would be difficult to manage.

The deal announced by city hall last week means that the race route will not have to change for this year and the event can go forward as planned.

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