PACE Group Launches Power of 6 Campaign,New Website

The Parents Action Committee of Everett (PACE) has launched a new website and is activating a new campaign called ‘The Power of 6.’

PACE has been around for about four years and focusing on middle school aged children in grades 5-8 – specifically on preventing them from using alcohol. It is a federally funded program from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration and is parent-led by folks from Everett.

“People don’t understand that these simple activities promote sitting down together and having a conversation with their kids,” said Marci Marino, a long-time volunteer with PACE. “It’s the connectedness that makes them more comfortable to tell parents things that are happening at school or within their circle of friends.”

The Power of 6 campaign focuses on helping parents break that ice, said PACE volunteer Michelle Howe.

“We’re giving tools and suggestions for parents to have to talk to their kids and get these conversations going,” she said. “We’re really focusing on information for parents. These things don’t have to be every day, but just having them every now and then helps.”

The Power of 6 includes:

  • Create a family pledge.
  • Hold a family game night.
  • Plan a family movie night.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity.
  • Volunteer as a family.
  • Have a family dinner.

All of the resources offered by PACE are free and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese on the new website They can also be reached by phone at (617) 591-6927.

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