Police Credit Neighbor’s Call with Stopping Robbery

Everett police last week credited a tip from a concerned neighbor with not only helping to catch a robbery suspect, but ultimately leading to the arrest of a man who may have been connected to several other robberies in Everett and Chelsea.

According to information released by Chief of Police Steven Mazzie, Everett police officers were notified to be on the lookout for a suspect in area of Springvale Avenue near the Everett-Chelsea line. A short time later a number of Everett police officers assisted Chelsea police as they apprehended the suspect at the scene of a crime in Chelsea.

The suspect was later identified as Treon Mayers, 31 of Dorchester, MA. Evidence found on Mayers linked him to a previously unsolved robbery in Chelsea and two other robberies in Everett.

According to police reports and the investigation into the cases, Mayers allegedly gained entry into the homes he is accused of break into by forcing open the doors to the apartments. Mayers was later arraigned in Chelsea District Court and held in the Chelsea case, while Everett police sought charges for the Everett crimes in Malden District Court.

Chef Mazzie noted that the suspect in the case was identified to police by a concerned neighbor near one of the victim homes.

“It is important that residents look out for one another and in this case an alert resident made the call to police and officers were able to respond to the scene and make an arrest,” said Mazzie.

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