Letter to the Editor

Congratulations Everett

We write to offer our congratulations to the City of Everett for wining the 2015 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health prize.

The 2015 RWJF Culture of Health prize was awarded to only eight communities that have implemented broad and cooperative policy initiatives to address issues of healthcare access and quality. The Culture of Health Prize winners promote community wellness through creative and collaborative public health programs.

Investing in programs that help working families fulfill basic health needs to make sure that all people have access to appropriate healthcare treatment should be apriority for all communities. A healthier community is a stronger community, and we are so pleased that the City of Everett has distinguished itself as a leader in targeting the social, economic, and racial barriers to equitable healthcare through collective public health strategies. Organizations like the Cambridge Health Alliance, Everett Community Health Partnership. One Everett, and the Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett, Everett Public Schools, and the Everett Police Department have been key partners in this important effort.

The City of Everett, along with its strong partners, have tackled key health concerns such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health, as well as tough community challenges like youth homeless ness and the reentry of formerly incarcerated individuals into society. Together, you have fostered a culture of health through local initiatives like farmer’s markets, community gardens, and a refurbished public fitness center. The City of Everett is a proud example of what can be achieved when people come together to fight for a healthier future for all families.

Congratulations again on t his incredible honor. We know it is well-deserved and look forward to hearing of your continued success building a healthier and stronger community.


Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator

Edward J. Markey

U.S. Senator

Michael Capuano

Member of Congress

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