Everett is No.1 in Mass for Funding to Find the Cure for Breast Cancer

Of the 540 Post Offices in the Commonwealth, Everett was number one for sales of the Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp in the first three weeks of October.

Customers purchased 16,212 Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamps at the Everett Post Office, which has pink balloons and an enlarged version of the stamp in their lobby for breast cancer awareness month. Purchase of this stamp supports the Breast Cancer Research work of the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Research Program of the Department of Defense.

The Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp was originally issued in 1998 and reissued in 2014. Mandated by Congress in 1997 and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, the 1998 Breast Cancer Research stamp was the first semipostal issued by the U.S. Postal Service.

Semipostals are stamps sold at a surcharge to raise money for a particular cause.

Since the Breast Cancer Research Stamp was first issued in 1998, many innovative and specialized treatments have been developed, not only increasing survival rates but also helping women thrive.  In that time, this semipostal stamp has raised more than $80.9 million to fund breast cancer research programs across the country.  With the funds from this stamp, many programs were able to continue groundbreaking research.

The Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp depicts a woman standing with her right arm raised, reaching behind her head in the position recommended for breast self-examination.  The drawing of the woman’s body is set against a background of pastel colors from yellow to violet that cover the entire face of the stamp.  Across the top of the stamp are the words “Breast Cancer.” Circling the figure’s right breast are the phrases, in all caps, “FUND THE FIGHT.” and “FIND A CURE.” Art director Ethel Kessler designed the stamp using original artwork by Whitney Sherman.

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