Wynn Goes to Bid for Design & Construction Services for Casino

Wynn Resorts announced Wednesday that Requests for Proposals (RFP) and solicitation of bids have been issued for the first-phase of design and construction of the $1.7 billion, five-star Wynn Resort in Everett. Requests were issued to qualified local firms for off-site roadway improvement design, environmental cleanup, building demolition design and site preparation and fencing.

The combined value of the four contracts is approximately $50 million.

“These requests for proposals and bids mark the official start of the construction process of the Wynn Resort in Everett,” said Robert DeSalvio, President of Wynn Everett. “It was important that every proposal and bid request that was sent out went to local firms. Wynn is committed to keeping jobs and spending in the region that we serve and in the communities where our employees work and live. Along with the economic impact, this initial work will lead to tangible improvements like better roadways, faster commutes and a waterfront park that will benefit everyone in the community, not just Wynn guests.”

The environmental cleanup of the former Monsanto chemical site will unlock a 33-acre waterfront parcel that has been inaccessible to the public for more than 100 years. The off-site roadway improvement designs will cover intersections and roads throughout the region including Sweetser Circle, Santilli Circle and Lower Broadway in Everett, and Wellington Circle in Medford.

It’s anticipated that site preparation will begin in the next several months.

Wynn worked in conjunction with 11 local Chambers of Commerce to help identify and solicit local contractors for the initial design and construction services. Participating chambers included Everett, Chelsea, Charlestown, Medford, Malden, Somerville, Cambridge, Lynn, Melrose, North End and East Boston.

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