City Announces Award of $825,000 in Community Development Block Grant

The city of Everett has received confirmation that some $825,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds have been awarded to the Everett Department of Planning and Development to assist with five community growth projects in the coming year.

According to a release provided by Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s office, the funds will be used across the city to assist with the financing of several large projects that have been undertaken by the Planning and Development Department.

Those projects include Phase II Rehabilitation of Florence Street Park, which gets $450,000 of CDBG funds; $165,000 for Housing Rehabilitation for qualified low-income level home owners to assist with critical home repairs; $125,000 in assistance to local non-profit public social service organizations; Retail Best Practices assistance in the amount of $25,000 to assist retail owners operating in the Central Southeast target area; and $60,000 to the Everett Planning Department to assist with general administration of the department and oversight and reporting of the grant funded projects.

“We are always looking for ways to expand our city’s growth,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “These funds will help put into action some of our development plans in the coming fiscal year.”

The funds dedicated to the Florence Street park restoration will be vital to helping the city complete the renovation of that city park for the entire community, while the Housing Rehabilitation fund and the assistance to Public Social Service agencies will provide real assistance to local low-income Everett residents.

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