Mayor DeMaria Announces CDBG Funding for City

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is happy to announce that the Department of Planning and Development has received the FY2015 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to use on development projects for the 2016 fiscal year.

“These funds will be put to good use in the City of Everett,” said Mayor DeMaria. “We are always looking for ways to expand our City’s growth. The funds will help put into action some of our development plans during the new fiscal year.”

This year, the City of Everett was awarded a generous $825,000 for the year. The FY15 CDBG funding will be used for the following projects:

  1. Phase II – Rehabilitation of Florence Street Park – $450,000

This is the second and final phase of a multi-funded, multifaceted rehabilitation of

Florence Street Park (Jacob Sharf Park).  This project will enhance, support and

complete the restoration of the park.  When fully completed, Florence Street Park

will be fully accessible and will meet the recreational needs of the community.

  1. Housing Rehabilitation – $165,000

The proposed Housing and Emergency Rehabilitation Program has the following objectives: to improve housing conditions of low to moderate-income individuals and to ensure the health and safety of individuals in residential properties.  This program is designed to provide deferred payment loans for necessary and emergency improvements to at least 5 properties located within the Central Southeast Everett target area.  Fifty one percent (51%) of the units in each building will be renovated for affordable housing, with a 15-year deed restriction.

  1. Assistance to Public Social Services – $125,000

Assistance will be provided to five (5) public social services – non-profit organizations – that assist low-income residents of Everett.

  1. Retail Assistance – $25,000

The goal of the proposed Best Retail Practice Seminar is to improve and strengthen existing retail, restaurant and storefront service businesses located in the Central Southeast Everett target area.

 The City of Everett will offer Best Retail Practice Seminar workshop to eligible Everett businesses located within the target area.  Targeted outreach will be made to businesses located on the following streets: Broadway, Revere Beach Parkway, Chelsea Street, Ferry Street and Union Street.

5. General Office Administration for the Planning Department – $60,000

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