Everett Police Recover Huge Heroin Stash

Three men are each being held on $1 million cash bail following their arraignments recently in Malden District Court after being arrested allegedly in possession of 14 kilos of heroin discovered during a traffic stop in Everett.

Judge Emily Karstetter imposed the following conditions should the defendants post bail: surrender passports, not travel outside Massachusetts without receiving court approval, and submit to GPS monitoring. The next hearing in their criminal cases has been scheduled for Friday, April 17.

“The heroin confiscated has a street val

The confiscated heroin has a street value of one million dollars.

The confiscated heroin has a street value of one million dollars.

ue of approximately one million dollars,” said District Attorney Ryan. “We see these arrests as having a two fold effect: this massive amount of heroin will not make it onto the street for illicit use and those who had allegedly planned to profit from people in the throes of addiction will be held accountable.”

At approximately noon, Thursday, March 19, Massachusetts State Troopers assigned to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office and officers with the Everett Police Department arrested Felix Valerio-Rodriguez, 27, Jose Fernandez Del Rosario, 23, and Manuel Gutierrez-Cunillera, 27, near 33 Mystic View Rd. In a suitcase, officers found 14 kilos of heroin divided into 18 bricks and, in addition, seized two vehicles.

The defendants were arraigned March 20 on charges including conspiracy to violate the drug laws and trafficking in heroin of more than 200 grams.

The prosecutor assigned to handle this arraignment is Assistant District Attorney Will Freeman, Deputy Director of the Special Investigations Unit of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

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