Everett Cable Television Public Ascertainment Hearing

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, statutory Issuing Authority for the City of Everett, will conduct a public ascertainment hearing on Thursday, April 2, 2015, at 6:00 PM, in the City Council Chambers, on the third floor of the  Everett City Hall, 484 Broadway, Everett, MA.

The purpose of the hearing will be to review the performance of the current cable television operator, Comcast, during its current license term and to hear testimony on future cable-related needs and interests of the Everett community.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend and offer testimony on any cable-related matters.

Any applications and reports to be considered at the hearing are available  for public inspection at the Everett City Hall during regular business hours and for reproduction at a reasonable fee.

For more information on the public hearing, please call (617) 394-2336.

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