Third Storm in Three Weeks Taxing Resources

City Services crews, maintenance workers and custodians were working , were on Monday and Tuesday trying to clean up from Winter Storm Marcus, the third heavy snowfall event of the in the past 12 days, which was on pace to dump more than two feet of snow on the Greater Boston area and Everett as of Monday night.

According to meteorologists at Logan Airport on Monday evening, Marcus had dropped more than 22 inches of snow between Saturday night and Monday at 7 p.m., with more snow still to fall. That total at Logan brought the season total snowfall in the region to more than 76 inches. At 76 inches, the region has already recorded the ninth snowiest winter since records started being kept and there are still more than two weeks to go in February.

Meanwhile, City Services crews were out in force on Monday afternoon, trying to keep ahead of the falling snow and keep streets, sidewalks and parking lots open for public use.

The City of Everett website at has several links providing information about snow clean up and winter parking bans.

In addition, the Snow Information page has information about shoveling assistance for those who need it.

Unfortunately, calls to the city’s communications department for comment about the storm cleanup were unreturned as of Monday night and City Services workers who were asked for comment about the storm cleanup, said they were not allowed to make statements.

However, travel around the city continued very week throughout most of the day on Monday, as evidenced during a drive through the city in mid-afternoon.

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