A Vote for Everett


Over the years, I have come to you on many important matters urging your support, but nothing has ever been as monumental as this matter or as earnest as this request.  On November 4th, please join my wife Stacy and me in casting a vote for Everett, a vote for our children, a vote for our future.  Join me in voting NO on Question 3.

A No vote on question 3 is a yes for vote for Everett.  A No vote on question 3 will allow for a billion dollar development in Everett.  A No vote on question 3 will bring 4000 permanent jobs for Everett residents and an additional 4000 construction jobs.  A No vote on question 3 will provide for much needed fixes of Everett’s roads and infrastructure.  A No vote on question 3 will bring tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year to the City of Everett.  A No vote on question 3 will clean a site that has sat contaminated and empty for decades.  A No vote on question 3 will bring more businesses and will bring customers to our already existing businesses.  A No on question 3 is a vote for you, for me, for our neighbors, for our elderly and for our children.

We need each and every one of you to vote on November 4th.

Do not for a second think, “I don’t need to go because my vote does not count.”  Without me, and you, and your family, and our neighbors, this repeal could pass and Everett could lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

And that is exactly what this is: the opportunity of a lifetime.  Everett is at a crossroads, and we can pick one of two ways to travel.   Together, we can move Everett forward.  We can revitalize our community, and bring in even more new developments, increased tax revenue and a better future.

We can continue on this way when you join me to vote No on 3.

Or, we can sit back and we can settle.  We can maintain the status quo.  We can ignore the developments pounding at our doors.  We can turn away the jobs, the infrastructure repairs, the tax revenues, and the environmental remediation.

But we can’t. We won’t.  We won’t settle.

That is why 6,153 of us came out on hot summer Saturday last June to vote for the Casino project and our historic host community agreement.  That is why 87 percent of those votes were in favor of a casino in Everett, and that is why every single one of us – and more – will come out again and vote NO on question 3.

And that’s all I am asking.  Take a moment on November 4 and cast a No Vote on Question 3.  Tell your neighbors and your friends that a No vote on question 3 is a yes vote for Everett.

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  I’m excited to have you on my team and I am blessed to be the Mayor of the finest City in the Commonwealth.

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