City of Everett Open Job Positions

The City of Everett will be hiring two (2) Greeters to work out of City Hall. We are looking for diverse individuals with a multi-lingual background proficient in Haitian Creole, Spanish and Portuguese.

Greet people as they come into City Hall

Assist in translation services

The City of Everett is hiring a Program Assistant under the Recreation Department

Lead groups or individuals in fitness instruction.

Emphasize the importance and health benefits of routine physical fitness.

Create routines and classes that are appropriate from small children to older individuals.

Come up with creative activities that will motivate and encourage exercise.  Keeping in mind that instruction may be with a child and parent.

 The City of Everett is hiring a Community Health Specialist under the Mayor’s Office of Human Services

Create cooking classes for various audiences, such as parents, elderly and children.

Educate parents and children as well as the remaining community on the importance of healthy eating behaviors.

Prepare recipes and classes that are fun and creative while being healthy.

Plan classes and activities that are culturally aware of the diverse community.

Instruct cooking classes in a way that can be easy to follow, especially when the sessions will be taped for television.

Must be comfortable being filmed for television

If anyone is interested in applying for these positions, please do so by submitting a letter of interest and your resume to the Human Resources Department at City Hall.

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