Wynn Resort in Everett Targets LEED Platinum Certification

Wynn has announced that its $1.6 billion resort in Everett will strive to exceed the state-mandated LEED Gold Certification by targeting LEED Platinum Certification. LEED Platinum is the highest rating of sustainability designated by the industry leading U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and will help make the Wynn Resort in Everett the most environmentally friendly and sustainable 5-star integrated gaming resort in the world.

Wynn also hopes to act as a beta test site for Massachusetts’ emerging clean-energy technology companies to facilitate and accelerate the development of new products and solutions in a real-time, real-world setting. The effectiveness and approval of these emerging technology applications would play a key role in Wynn reaching its coveted LEED Platinum Certification.

“Wynn will elevate its commitment to the environment by going beyond Massachusetts standards and working to set new benchmarks for sustainability,” said Robert DeSalvio, Senior Vice President of Development for Wynn Resorts. “Across the globe, Wynn continually strives to exceed expectations and establish new levels of excellence. There was no 5-star resort in Las Vegas before Wynn and we hope that Wynn Everett will be the world’s first 5-star, LEED Platinum Certified integrated gaming resort. Wynn’s willingness to constantly foster new solutions and fresh thinking aligns perfectly with the Massachusetts brand of discovery and innovation.”

Along with spending $30 million to clean the contaminated 33-acre former Monsanto Chemical plant site along the Mystic River and convert it into an international and domestic tourist destination with public esplanade and parks, the Wynn Resort in Everett will feature the most advanced energy generating, monitoring and conservation systems. Wynn’s environmental stewardship will ensure that approximately 30% of the facility’s annual electricity qualifies as renewable energy and will help establish new best practices for environmentally friendly operations in an urban 5-star resort, including:

•Direct links to public transportation and close proximity to Boston’s transportation hub.

•Solar energy panels and onsite micro-turbine energy plant that will cleanly and efficiently generate approximately 23% of the resorts annual electricity and 50% of the resort’s annual heating and hot water needs.

•Purchase of approximately 7 percent of the project’s annual electrical consumption from local green-power service providers.

•Charging stations and preferential parking for electrical vehicles; maximum use of electrical/alternative fuel vehicles in the resort vehicle fleet.

•Creative use of natural light and high-efficiency LED fixtures to reduce power consumption.

•Heavy promotion of Wynn’s signature water ferry system that links to Boston Harbor, Logan Airport and beyond.

•Onsite integrated bike transportation program with connected bike paths and easily accessible racks.

•Highly innovative and efficient solid food waste recycling, drainage system and water conservation programs.

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