Police Searching for Two Men in Store Robbery: One Clerk Was Shot, Another Beaten

Everett police are searching for two suspects in an attempted robbery and shooting that took place Monday night, Feb. 17 at the Neighborhood Convenience Store on Main Street.

According to one published report, one of the store clerks was shot multiple times during the robbery, and another was beaten. Both men are expected to recover from their injuries. A neighbor of the convenience store has told investigators that the clerk who was shot is the 67-year old uncle of the store’s owner. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with gunshot wounds to his stomach and back.

There has been no further word on the condition of the other clerk.

According to officials, the assault and attempted robbery took place at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Monday, February 17, just a half-hour before the time the store normally closes.

A surveillance camera inside the store reportedly captured the attack, according to a witness and police are now searching for the suspects based on that video footage.

Everett police did not respond to requests for further information about the attack, but are continuing the investigation.

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