Thank You, Sen. Didomenico

Everett residents’ must use the Mystic River for their water path to Boston Harbor and the Mystic Lakes.  However, if you do not have a sturdy boat, then maybe you do not want to venture onto the river.

When one thinks of how important water is and then sees the deplorable condition of the Mystic River, words escape.  One of the largest potential developments that may happen in Everett is the Wynn Casino proposal.  And the Mystic River is what sold Steve Wynn on this site.

For years, the Mystic River, like many of the rivers around Greater Boston, was a quick means to get rid of pollutants from now abandoned industrial sites.

Today, with the Clean Water Act, the reckless dumping into the Mystic River has stopped, but the effects of more than 100 years of pollutants still remain.  These effects still have the Mystic River earning a “D” rating for water quality by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This may all change.

Senators Sal DiDomenico and Patricia Jehlen have started the ball rolling toward the clean-up of the Mystic River.  Their thoughts are in the guest op-ed on this page.

One can look at the proposal by Wynn Resorts and see what our waterfront can become in future years.  The unfortunate reality is that without a proper clean-up, then one will be only able to look at but not touch the water.

We know that Sen. DiDomenico will not let up on this issue.  We commend him for his efforts in this measure.

And we look forward to seeing Sen. DiDomenico being able to take the Bill Weld Charles River Plunge in the Mystic.

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