Election Is Just Around the Corner

For the next several weeks, our staff will be asking Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Alderman Robert Van Campen questions about their vision for the City of Everett  as they seek the corner office. Their  remarks will be unedited. We hope that voters will be looking at the their answers as they get ready to make their decision on whom they will vote for.

As we have said in the past, this election is a watershed moment for our city.  The Mayor, as well as a new City Council who will be chosen on November 5 will be the first to be elected under the new Charter.

We urge all voters to start thinking about the election that now is only three weeks away and be prepared to vote.  At the Independent, we will continue to cover the election without favor as we provide the forum for ideas and positions of all the candidates. We adhere to the adage of Abraham Lincoln, “If you give the people the light, they will find the door.”

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