War of Words on Casino

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s press conference last Friday about Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s  assertion that the Wynn Resorts is using Boston roads in their development plan has certainly raised the stakes for the Wynn casino proposal. The rhetoric between DeMaria, Menino, and Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone shows how contentious this development has become among these abutting community executives.

The people of Everett  overwhelmingly gave their support to the Wynn project when they voted in June.  But as we have mentioned previously, Everett is now in a waiting game. The State Gaming Commission will not make their decision until early next year as to which one of  three developers will be awarded the sole license for the Boston area.

Right now, time is on our side.  We again urge our public officials to dismiss this latest assertion by Boston and Somerville and demonstrate with facts and boundary lines that the Wynn Resorts proposal will share no land with either Boston or Somerville.

Words are great and we certainly want to believe what Mayor DeMaria is saying about this development being solely in Everett. However, the stakes are much too high for Boston or Somerville just to let this windfall go solely to Everett, while  putting up only a battle of words. We have no doubt they will take this matter  to court to thwart Everett’s bid if they perceive an opening to do so.

We fear that just a threat of a potential lawsuit will be enough for the Gaming Commission not to consider Everett’s proposal  as evidenced by their actions last week  with the Plainridge Race Track owners.

That is why indisputable facts are needed, not just words.

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