Bullying Everett: Demaria Affirms Everett as Sole Host Community in Proposed Casino Project

Mayor Carlo DeMaria at the recent press conference.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria at the recent press conference.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria called on the mayors of Boston and Somerville to stop their attempts to block or slow down the proposed Everett casino development last Friday morning, saying their actions are hypocritical and obstructionist.

“It is no secret that Mayor Menino, a man I hold deep respect for, holds a great deal of power and influence,” said DeMaria during a morning press conference on the site of the planned casino. “But for him to bully the city of Everett, the Gaming Commission and state officials into submission to gain a political advantage for Suffolk Downs is something that I could not stand idly by and allow to go unchecked.”

DeMaria also questioned Somerville Mayor Curtatone’s recent statements and actions, noting that Somerville has never consulted with Everett during its planning of a massive residential and retail complex just across the Mystic River from the proposed casino site.

“I am disappointed that Mayor Curtatone seeks to derail a project that could revolutionize my community, while failing to acknowledge that his own development on his city’s side of the river will have an impact on Everett,” said DeMaria. “Hypocrisy and politics will not help move our region forward and I call for both men, my friends and colleagues to collaborate constructively with us, not blindly obstruct.”

DeMaria added that Everett is the sole host community for the proposed casino development, noting that all of the buildings associated with the casino and resort are proposed to be built solely on land within the city limits of Everett. Any planned or proposed improvements to the waterfront, are not a part of the casino development.

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