Ballot Positions Set for Upcoming Sept. Election

Candidates for Mayor and Ward Councilor in Wards Two, Five and Six gathered at the City Clerk’s Office on Monday August 5th to witness the drawing to determine the ballot position of their names for the upcoming September 17th City Preliminary Election.

The new City Charter requires that ballot position be determined by lottery. Historically, ballot position was determined by alphabetical order with incumbents listed in the first position.  The Preliminary Ballot as chosen randomly by the City Clerk will be printed as follows:


Carlo DeMaria, Jr.

Millie J. Cardello

Robert Van Campen

Councilor Ward Two

Jason Marcus

Dennis DiBiase

Stephen Simonelli

Ward Five

Rosa DiFlorio

Thomas Mills, III

Robert Sansone

Ward Six

Michael McLaughlin

Catherine Tomassi Hicks

Sal Sachetta

Another drawing will be held after the preliminary to determine ballot position for the November General Election.

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