Making Everett Shine

In today’s newspaper are stories about how the new beautification projects outside of City Hall on Church Street as well as in Everett Square and Norwood Street are close to being accomplished.

These projects look great and to the potential investor in Everett, they signal community pride.

This community pride is what we need not only to attract new residents and businesses but maintain those residents who now call Everett home.

Like most people, when you drive through a downtown, you notice what it looks like and how it is maintained.  Many say that Boston is undergoing a renaissance.  However, if you drive through the old business sections of Dorchester, you notice how many once beautiful buildings have been neglected and this neglect just makes one want to continue onto better surroundings.

City Planner James Errickson and Mayor Carlo DeMaria are to be congratulated for bringing to fruition these projects.

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