Few Primary Races Shaping Up in City Elections; Candidates Nominating Papers Due Back Today

Everett City Clerk Michael Matarazzo said on Monday that despite the fact that the city council will be shrinking on January 1, 2014, the city may only have five primary contests for the reduced number of council seats, because not enough candidates had emerged to force other contests.

“We might not even have to have a primary for five the At-Large Council seats,” noted Matarazzo, who said that only ten candidates had turned in nominating papers for the five seats as of Monday.

Four additional candidates had taken out nominating papers, but one of those is now believed to be pursuing a ward seat and at least one other is considering withdrawing.

The five primary races that appear to be solid include the Mayor’s race where three candidates have emerged, Wards 1 and 2, where three candidates have taken out papers in each Ward, and Wards 5 and 6, where four candidates have emerged in each Ward.

Below is a complete list, provided by the City Clerk, of candidates who taken out nominating papers for each seat in city government, under the new charter.

For Mayor, Incumbent Carlo DeMaria will face a test from two current Aldermen, Millie Cardillo and Robert Van Campen.

Councilor At-Large has had the most interest, but also the largest number of withdrawals. A total of 17 candidates had taken out nominating papers for an At-Large seat on the Council, but three have already withdrawn. Of the remaining 14, 10 had turned in their papers by Monday, July 15. The total list of potential candidates includes Leo Barrett, Lorraine “Lorrie” Bruno, Jack Ciulla, Richard DellIsola, Kenneth Giannelli, John F. Hanlon, Leonard Jordan, Michael Mangan, Joseph Paul Marchese, Joseph W. McGonagle Jr., Rosemary Miller, Peter Napolitano, Joseph R. Reid III, and Cynthia Sarnie.

For Ward One Fred Capone, Sergio Cornelio and Paul Randall Sr. have all pulled papers.

In Ward Two Dennis DiBiase, Jason Marcus and Stephen Simonelli have pulled papers.

In Ward Three Michael Marchese appears to be facing Richard DellIsola.

For Ward 4 John Leo McKinnon and Dominic Puleo are squaring off.

In Ward Five Rosa DiFlorio, Thomas F. Mills III, Robert Sansone and Joseph Santagate have all pulled their papers.

And, in Ward Six Frank F. Chiampi Jr, Michael McLaughlin, Sal Sachetta and Catherine Tomassi Hicks have pulled papers to run.

No new candidates had emerged in the race for School Committee as of Monday, July 15. The nine incumbent school committee members all appear to be running unopposed for their current seats.

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