Thank You Sen. DiDomenico

There’s money at the State House.  That is for sure as the state budget for this fiscal year nears the $34 billion mark.

One just needs to know either where to look or what new programs might work in a community.

And this is where Everett’s state senator, Sal DiDomenico, has an advantage over most of his senate colleagues. As a former City Councilor, he knows Everett’s municipal budget very well and what needs to be put on the priority list.

Just take a look at two of his recent endeavors in bringing the money home to Everett.

Working on the passage of the Chapter 90 Program bill that allocates funds for state and municipal projects like repairs to roads, DiDomenico made sure that Everett received $924,000 for local roads, saving taxpayers this amount from a local levy.  We might mention that this is an increase of more than $324,000 over the previous year’s allocation.

Another example is this year’s increase in state funding for local schools.  Our local schools, under the direction of Superintendent Fred Foresteire do a great job in providing public education to thousands of students.  Many of the programs that our schools have, the Culinary Arts Program at the high school, are the envy of the surrounding communities.  But to continue this excellence takes money and Everett taxpayers are not a bottomless well.  DiDomenico made sure that Everett coffers will receive more than $5 million in additional state Chapter 70 funding. This is another example of DiDomenico saving Everett taxpayers from footing the bill.

DiDomenco deserves full credit for these increases in state aid.  When former State Rep. Stephen Smith resigned from the House in disgrace on January 1 and was later sentenced to prison during the  most crucial time when the state budget was debated, it effectively left DiDomenico as Everett’s sole voice at the State House.

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