No Word on Recount as Yet: Hanlon Campaign Has Until April 11 to Decide

According to City Clerk Michael Matarazzo, there has been no decision as yet from the Hanlon Campaign, about whether or not to pursue a recount.

“My understanding is that he (Hanlon) just wants to sit down and make sure that all of votes were counted,” said Matarazzo, hinting that the election results are likely to be upheld.

Modern election systems and voting machines are far more accurate than the voting machines of previous years. In fact, even the discrepancy between the machine counted write-in vote and the final write-in total can be easily explained because of write-in ballots that were not completely filled in and ended up being counted by hand, not the machines.

With 49 votes separating State Representative Elect Wayne Matewsky and his nearest challenger – Hanlon – the fact is that the election results are more than likely final.

However, the Hanlon campaign has ten days from election day to request a recount, and that clock does not expire until Thursday.

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